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Marketing Meeting Recap - June 21, 2019

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Purpose of Meeting 

UNDERSTAND OUR "WHY".  What's the purpose of all this? 

CLARIFY THE "WHAT".  What are we trying to accomplish?

DETERMINE OUR TARGET AUDIENCE.  Who is our ideal visitor? 

Qunicy Square meeting notes-June


To hear the entire "Why" discussion download the audio below.

  • Establish Quincy Square as the central gathering place for the city of Bremerton ("Place Making").

  • Celebrate the history of Bremerton (blue collar, shipyard, etc) as well as rebrand the city's brand (i.e. music, arts, etc).

  • Honor Quincy Jones and showcase how his life changed while living in Bremerton (his discovery of music).

  • Inspire the youth to explore music and self-expression, and help create/discover many more Quincy Jones.

  • Inspire all of Bremerton to catch the vision and revitalize the entire city. (Make Bremerton a music city/destination.)


To hear the entire "What" discussion download the audio below.

  • Provide a fun and safe space for all people to discover and enjoy experiencing art and culture. (i.e. Roxy, Quincy Jones Music Project, Steven Holl west, Axe and Arrow, Ish, etc)

  • Offer programs and opportunities for youth to learn to play music, perform live, music production and more. (ie. Quincy Jones Music Project, school partnerships,etc.)

  • Ensure Quincy Square is a place designed to foster musical creativity.  (i.e. outdoor stage for busking, live music venue, Quincy Jones Music Project, host events like Make Music Day, etc)

  • Offer multiples ways to experience art on Quincy Square (i.e. piano keyboard walkway, actual piano, art mural, a statue of "The Dude", art house cinema, live music venue, artisan restaurants, bohemian living spaces designed to attract art loving tenants, interactive kiosk, etc) 


To hear the entire "Who" discussion download the audio below.

  • Locals first (i.e. young people who need a safe place to be, Bremerton residents, people who want to live here again, etc)

  • People who have been stationed here

  • Tourist and general fans of Quincy Jones

  • Artistic folks (musicians and music lovers) looking for a place to see live music

  • "World Seekers" people who travel to places for particular reasons (i.e. huge fans of Quincy Jones, fans of Steven Holl architecture, etc.)

  • People who want to live in a music town (i.e. like the 20 something's currently living in the B-Flats.)

The meeting ran for about an hour and five minutes.  Download and listen to the audio from the entire meeting HERE.  The next Quincy Square Marketing meeting will be July 19th at 9 am.  Meeting location is still to be determined.  

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